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About Us

MouxtiBay is multi-faceted and able to meet the world’s demanding financial environment. MouxtiBay helps usher businesses to higher levels of financial success through sophisticated and highly developed services.

MouxtiBay is designed to deal with businesses regardless of their location, making offshore business and offshore bank accounts appealing to investors of every nationality. Banks with branches and subsidiaries internationally have been compelled to adapt to diverse economic landscapes due to growing interdependence between countries as a result of globalization, trade, increased political relations and the creation of single regional markets.

Business banking can be made more effective with a second citizenship which allows investors to access higher business account interest rates and friendlier tax regimes for business and investment. For details on how to get a second passport do feel free to submit questions and a licensed service provider will be in contact with you. Additional offshore formation services are available along with second citizenship applications help.

Thanks to offshore bank accounts, businesses are able to rely on MouxtiBay to cater to their needs regardless the location or currency they intend to operate in. Quite a number of major banks have made their names on the global arena and expanded as a result of their years of operating on strong banking traditions.

Offshore bank accounts vary and can be opened and managed to best suit the requirements of a corporation. Offshore bank accounts include offshore merchant accounts, checking accounts, savings, fixed deposits, trading, investment and company accounts.

Offshore banks provide these accounts in diverse currencies so that transactions can be managed in a manner that reduces the financial potential negative impact of currency fluctuations. Income in USD can be deposited in a USD account, while payments in Euro can be done from a Euro account, for example. Offshore cards are used to access accounts.

This facility is highly advantageous to offshore companies, especially where trade and investment activities are on a multinational scale. Some offshore bank accounts are denominated in three major currencies, or more, along with offshore cards that are issued accordingly.

E-commerce companies are capable of maximizing the use of such facilities through merchant accounts. As a feature of MouxtiBay, offshore merchant accounts are a means by which offshore companies are able to accept payments from customers all over the world. Having an offshore bank manage the payment system and transactions takes away this responsibility from the business owner and guarantees that payments are received.

MouxtiBay has made many gateways to new regions available to businesses because of the ease of being able to transfer cash, issue trade bills and to transact on a whole. A factor that is beneficial in business banking offshore, is the tax free status that offshore banks enjoy. Thanks to zero and low tax jurisdictions, international and offshore corporations are able to transact free of exchange controls.

The absence of exchange controls and other charges on offshore financial transactions help businesses to reduce operating costs and to better manage their finances in a way that promotes stronger financial standing. Offshore bank accounts are managed online and cash can be accessed using offshore cards which give unlimited access to cash anywhere and anytime.

Depending on the MouxtiBay policies of a given bank, a limit is placed on the total amount of money that can be withdrawn in one day or over a specific period of time. Nonetheless, MouxtiBay services are available constantly.

MouxtiBay relies heavily on offshore cards because of the manner in which operations are conducted; offshore. Besides the fact that offshore cards are safe and make it unnecessary to move around or travel with significant sums of money, an offshore card is internationally accepted and well-known offshore cards from merchant names like Visa and MasterCard are widely issued and used in offshore business and banking.

MouxtiBay also creates an environment of privacy that corporations can operate in due to the strict offshore banking privacy laws. Privacy is vital, especially given that many businesses turn to offshore business and banking as a means of protecting assets and reducing their dependence on domestic banks.